Broken Rod Store

  • Last Update: 20:38:51, 03/07/2023

The Broken Rod Store is the place where you will buy, sell, trade, and hire for a determined time.
Check out how it works:


They are used to catch fish and objects.
The efficiency of a fishing rod varies according to its price.
Remember that all of them have a time between throwing and pulling, and a chance to break when pulling.


Bombs are used against pirates and sea monsters.
Their fire power varies according to their price.
Remember that they all have a chance to fail, and a time to load.


These are objects used to recover the ship's HP and Fuel.
Remember that all of them have a time to load.


These are workers that provide bonuses to your ship.
Each crew member has a specific bonus, as well as a time to work on your boat.
When you hire the services of a crew member you must activate him, and from that moment on, the service time starts to run.


You can exchange  Barris for  Pirate Coin if you need it.


You can find relics by exploring islands with a  Treasure Map (higher rarity maps increase the chances of finding a relic).

Rarer relics and larger quantities of relics can be found on the bottom of the sea using fishing rods.
By defeating sea monsters you can obtain fishing rods that specialize in collecting items.
Exchange the relics you find for  Pirate Coin.


♦ Remember that some Ocean related items are not automatically added to the Cargo Hold.
♦ Remember that you have unlimited quantities of basic fishing rods and basic bombs for use while sailing.