• Last Update: 14:38:23, 22/09/2023

The Warehouse is a place where you can store items you don't need at the moment, thus freeing up space in your Bag. To move an item from your Bag to the Warehouse, open the My Box and then click Add. This will open a window with the items in your Bag, where you can select the items you want to store here and then click on STORE ITEMS.

You can add or remove an item from the warehouse at any time. In (1), the total quantity you have of that item will be displayed. In (2), it will also show the total quantity, but by clicking on this field, you will have the option of choosing the quantity you want to store or move back to Bag.

In addition, you have the option of creating custom boxes to organize your items. By clicking on New Box, you can choose a name for the box and select a representative icon. It's important to remember that the maximum number of boxes created varies depending on the type of account you have (Normal or Premium). It is important to note that the storage space is shared between all existing boxes.

Initially, you have a total of 60 spaces in the Warehouse, but you can increase this by clicking on Buy Slots.
For a cost in  Diamands, you can add +5 spaces, giving you more storage capacity.