Gem Socket

  • Last Update: 17:39:55, 21/11/2022

(Highlighted, socket available in the equipment)

You can obtain up to three (3) gem sockets when you find equipment by defeating enemies, opening shards, or when you create one through Crafting. You can only socket gems on equipment that has sockets available and colors (Red, Blue, Yellow) that are compatible with the gem.

To socket agem, follow these steps:

1. Access the Bag/Inventory
2. Touch the equipment that will be enchanted
3. Select the "Modify" option
4. In the "Gem Socket" tab, place the gems into the available sockets.

That's it! Your equipment now has the effects or bonuses referring to the gems used.

¹ If you regret it, tap on the added gem to remove it from a piece of equipment.

² There are several types of gems, and each one has different effects and bonuses. Gems can be obtained from the Jewelry Workshop.

³ You can only equip one legendary gem per gear.