Basic and Combat Stats

  • Last Update: 01:08:00, 07/10/2022

In Mana Storia, heroes gain Stat Points when they level up and can distribute them across the six existing basic stats Strength, Intelligence, Focus, Dexterity, Agility and Luck. Each basic stat helps make up the combat stats: Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, Magic Defense, Speed and Critical Hit Rate.


Basic Stats

Strength: Huge influence on Sword Attack. Small influence on Bow Attack.

Intelligence: Great influence on Magic Attack and Magic Defense.

Focus: Medium influence on Sword and Bow Attack. Medium influence on Defense, Magic Attack and Magic Defense.

Dexterity: Great influence on Bow Attack and Defence. Small influencie on Sword Attack and Speed.

Agility: Great influence on Speed (defines who attacks first, increases dodge chance and attack/defense/magic defense accuracy).

Luck: Great influence on Critical Chance. Small influence on rarity of item drops.


Combat Stats (Formulas)

Physical Attack (Sword):  (Strength x 2) + (((Focus x 1.2) + Dexterity) / 1.5) + Equipment + Equipped Title

Physical Attack (Bow):  (Dexterity x 1.5) + ((Strength + (Focus x 1.2)) / 2) + Equipment + Equipped Title

Physical Attack (Unarmed): Strength + Title equipped

Magic Attack (Staff): (Intelligence x 1.5) + ((Focus x 1.2) / 2) + Equipment + Equipped Title

Defense: (Dexterity x 0.5) + (Focus x 0.3) + Equipment + Equipped Title

Magic Defense: (Int x 0.5) + (Focus x 0.3) + Equipment + Equipped Title

Speed: Agility + (Dexterity x 0.1) + Equipment + Equipped Title

Critical Hit Rate: (Luck x 0.1) + Equipment + Equipped Title


Elemental Attributes

This type of attribute increases your damage or resistance against enemies of a certain element (Fire, Water etc). Elemental attributes are provided by Enchantment Gems that must be allocated in the equipment's gem sockets (if your equipment has an available socket).