Details and Combat Stats

  • Last Update: 15:09:11, 20/10/2022

Pets have the following basic characteristics:

Grade: Determines the individuality of a pet and varies between F- and S+. An F-grade Rabicute, for example, is weaker than a C-grade Rabicute.

Element: Determines the elemental attribute of the pet's attacks.

Specie: Species name of the pet that was capturated.

Type: Defines which family the pet belongs to. There are 13 (thirteen) family types:  Aerial, Aquatic, Arthropod, Beast, Demi-Human, Demonic, Dragon, Morph, Oddity, Plant, Poltergeist, Reptile, Undead.

Rarity: It is the rarity of the specimen obtained. The rarer the pet, the more powerful it is in relation to other individuals of the same species.


Pets can help you in battles. They have the following combat stats:

POWER: Determines the attack power and the skill power. Increases by 1 (one) point at each level of the pet.

ATK Chance (%): It's the pet's chance to attack an enemy each turn.

Skill: It is the list of skills that the pet can use in battle. There are offensive, defensive and buff skills.

Skill Chance (%): It's the pet's chance to use a skill in each turn.

Debuff Chance (%): It's the pet's chance to cause a debuff/ailment on an enemy.

¹ It is possible to use pet gear to modify their combat stats.

² The pet will first try to use the skill, and then try to attack.