Catching a Pet

  • Last Update: 02:24:21, 16/07/2022

You can use capture items like  Cappture Rope,  Capture Net,  Capture Cage or  Capture Box to catch a wild pet during a battle:

  1. Enter an ordinary battle (Bosses cannot be captured)
  2. Tap the enemy that will be captured (a yellow arrow will be over it)
  3. Tap the "Item" button and then choose the capture item that will be used

Each capture item has its own chance of success. If you fail 3 (three) times when capturing a pet, it will build resistance and can no longer be captured during the ongoing battle.

¹ Use  Donuts or  Apple Pie during battles to prevent a pet from quickly building resistance to capture.

² Weaken the enemy (by reducing their HP to ~50%) for an additional 10% capture chance.