Status Effects/Ailments

  • Last Update: 01:19:12, 09/12/2020

Below is a list of status ailments that can be applied to both playable characters and enemies:

 Blind: Reduces accuracy, causing the sufferer's physical attacks to miss most of the time.

 Confusion: Attack yourself indiscriminately and uncontrollably.

 Paralysis: Unable to attack.

 Poison: Takes poison damage each turn.

 Sleep: Unable to take turn until woken up on their own.

 Burning: Takes fire damage each turn.

 Freeze: Takes ice/water damage each turn.

 Cursed: Significantly reduces the damage inflicted on the opponent (applied to hero only).

 Condemned: Defeated instantly after a certain time, it can be "cured" by ending the battle before time runs out (applied to hero only).

How to view debuffs caused by enemies?

It is possible to view the debuffs that enemies can cause through the stage screen:

How do I view the debuffs I can inflict?

Each type of skill can inflict a type of debuff. View through the skill details screen:

Raid Bosses have resistance against all types of debuffs.