• Last Update: 02:08:59, 01/04/2023

Visit "Town" > "Equipment Market" and use  Gold in the Equipment Market to buy starter Weapons, Secondaries, Armors and Pants that will increase your combat stats.

Visit "Town" > "Accessory Market" and use  Gold in the Accessory Market to purchase starter Necklaces that will increase your HP, MP, SPD, ATK or M.ATK.

Visit "Town" > "Item Market" e use  Gold in the Item Market to buy HP/MP potions, anti-debuff potions, pesticides and fertilizers. 

Visit "Town" > "Pet Market" and use  Friend Points (FP) in the Pet Shop to buy starter pet equipment, fruits, seeds, capture items and pet eggs. You will also can find the Egg of The Month(EoTM) in the market and try get the featured pet; The egg rotation occurs monthly.