Guild Boss

  • Last Update: 18:15:26, 28/05/2023


There are currently 8 Elite Bosses for you to face to obtain Runes to craft the Gems in the Jewelry.
The difficulty level of each Elite Boss is represented by the intensity of the  Skull color.
The more intense it is, the more powerful it is.

You can only face them if you have a  Guild Ticket.
This item can be bought with Morale Points on the Guild Market, but only the Leader and the Sub-Leader can buy them.

Only members who are in the Guild for 7 days will receive the purchased Guild Tickets.


Every saturday the Leader can activate the Event from 1am on, Server Time (UTC-3).
The Event can only be activated by Guilds that are at Level 5 or higher.
Regardless of the time that the Leader activates, the Event closes at 11pm of the same day.
Each Guild member can face the Elite Boss only twice.
The Runes you obtain from Elite Bosses are for crafting Legendary Gems.
It is not allowed to recruit or expel members during the Event.
Elite Bosses are immune to the Pets skills Drain and Camouflage. The revive potion is also ineffective.

At the end of the Event, only the Top 3 will receive a Guild Boss Chest (redeem by mail).