Floating Islands

  • Last Update: 00:24:33, 28/05/2023

You will spend most of your time battling here.
Each Floating Island contains 12 stages. When you reach the last stage, you will be able to battle the Boss.
When you defeat the Boss, you advance to the next Floating Island.

1 - Here are the enemies you will encounter on a stage. Click to learn more about them.
2 - You can find chests during the battle and you can open them yourself or if you are using a Familiar, it will pick them for you.
3 - It is important that you get all 3 stars for each stage, click on the information icon to learn more.
4 - Here you will see the Pet and Familiar that will join you in battle. If you prefer, change them before you start the battle.
5 - Here you can choose to battle using Loot Tokens (automatic battle) or Meat (manual battle).
6 - Here you see how much Loot Tokens you have to use.


1 - Here it shows how many stars you got on the Floating Island and the maximum you can get.
2 - Here shows the awards you can redeem when you reach your goal.
3 - Here shows your progress until you get all 36 Floating Island stars and redeem the Final Reward.