• Last Update: 15:38:06, 27/06/2023

Raids are cooperative battles where heroes face off against extremely powerful Bosses for unique rewards!
The more heroes in a Raid battle, the more EXP, EXP Vocation and GOLD they receive!
The limit of heroes in a Raid is 50. When an Event is active, this limit can be increased.
You must defeat a Raid Boss within 230 seconds to gain access to the next Raid battle.


They start at 0pm and take place every 3 hours, Server Time (UTC-3).
The server time can be found in World, in the bottom left corner.

Below are all the Raid Bosses and the Level Required to face them.


EXP, GOLD and EXP Vocation.
Artifact: Used to craft weapons named after the Raid Bosses.
Refining Stone: Used for equipment upgrades.
Enhancement Scroll: Used for equipment upgrades.
Laf: Used to craft Gems.
Ethereal Matter: Used to craft weapons and Gems.
Seed: Plant them at the Harvest to obtain fruits to feed your Pets.
Equipment: Gives DEF, M.DEF and SPD to the hero.
Skill Book: Used for upgrading your skills.