Sailing on the Ocean

  • Last Update: 00:58:46, 09/11/2021

Preparing the Cargo Hold

Before starting to sail, remember to add fishing poles and bombs in the cargo hold of your boat. To do this, access the menu "Home" > "Porto" > Cargo. Tap the following icon to load the list of items that can be added to the boat's hold:

Then select the items you want to use on your boat. These items will be added to the Cargo Hold.

Sailing on the Ocean

To start a sea exploration, go to the menu "Home" > "Harbor" > Set Sail Button. Navigation will start if your boat has enough HP and Fuel. The regeneration of these attributes takes place every 30 minutes, on average.

In the ocean, pay attention to the interface below:

  1. It's the speed of your boat. The higher the speed, the faster your boat will travel distances (3).
  2. HP (red) and Fuel (yellow) of the boat. HP is reduced with each attack taken. Every sea has a fuel consumption requirement.
  3. It is the distance traveled from the beginning of the navigation to the current moment. You will discover new seas the further you travel and the higher the level of your vessel.
  4. Return to home. Cannot be triggered during battles.
  5. Allows you to surrender during a battle. You will lose fewer Barrels surrendering than being defeated.
  6. It's the amount of Barrels you have.
  7. Allows access to fishing rods.
  8. Allows you to access the boat bombs to attack enemies.
  9. Power ON/OFF the engine. By turning off the engine, the boat stops consuming fuel and remains static at sea. This option is useful for fishing in a particular sea.