Game Lore

  • Last Update: 21:48:23, 22/04/2023

In the vastness of space-time, the Goddess Aimo and the God Anu were in an eternal struggle of catastrophic consequences for control of the newly created world of Mana. When Aimo realized that it was impossible to defeat Anu, she sacrificed some of her powers and banished him to the surface of that world. Anu's fall into Mana caused huge portions of land to emerge and gradually settle down. The largest of these formed the continent of Asteria.

Aimo then created throughout Asteria the Monoliths of Eru, as an instrument of worship and magic, telling of his sacrifice for the advancement of the civilization that would one day inhabit Mana. Asteria became a land filled with resources, valleys and forests. Prosperity was abundant in a civilization that received much of its knowledge from the Monoliths of Eru. As time passed, the faith and devotion of the Asterians was no longer as strong, and the balance that existed in that world was ruined.

One sordid night, a rift appeared on the horizon. Dark-looking humans, accompanied by grotesque creatures, stepped out of that portal. It was the beginning of the conflict between two dimensions: Order and Abyss.