Getting Started

  • Last Update: 00:31:11, 21/07/2022

How should I start?

  1. You can get EXP by battling on Maps, in the Rift or performing Hunts.
  2. From Level 10 onwards, it is possible to choose a vocation by talking to the Vocation Master in the "Town".
  3. Understand how basic combat stat works to build an interesting battle strategy.
  4. Recover your HP/MP in the "Home" menu.
  5. Explore the ocean, by going to the "Home" > "Harbor" menu, to find treasures and improve your boat.
  6. Do not ask for Gold or items in public chat. This usually doesn't work and you'll get a bad reputation.
  7. Whenever possible use Loot Tokens to loot battle stages. You will save time with this!
  8. Store excess Gold in the Bank to avoid losses if you are defeated in battle.
  9. Don't forget to improve your pet by feeding it with fruits, fishs or using other pets as material EXP. Pets are very helpful during a battle.
  10. Doubts? Ask other heroes for help in Chat or Discord! They will help you!