Buffs/Debuffs List

  • Last Update: 17:14:05, 21/11/2022


Protect - Creates a shield that temporarily reduces physical and magical damage taken.

Fortify - Temporarily increases physical attack.

Guard - Creates a shield that temporarily reduces significantly physical damage taken.

Mana Force - Temporarily increases magic attack.

Mana Shield - Creates a shield that temporarily reduces significantly magical damage taken.

Camouflage - Makes the hero invisible for some turns preventing enemies from attacking him.

Reflect - Reflects part of the damage inflicted by enemies.


Pet Disable - Temporarily disables the pet.

Weaken DEF - Reduces the opponent's defense.

Weaken M.DEF - Reduces the opponent's magic defense.

Blind - Reduces accuracy, causing the sufferer's physical attacks to miss most of the time.

Condemned - Defeated instantly after certain turns, it can be "cured" by ending the battle before the turns are over.

Confusion - Attack yourself indiscriminately and uncontrollably.

Cursed - Significantly reduces the damage inflicted on the opponent.

Paralysis - Unable to attack.

Poison - Takes poison damage each turn.

Sleep - Unable to take turn until woken up on their own.

Burning - Takes fire damage each turn.

Freeze - Takes ice/water damage each turn.