What are the Familiars?

  • Last Update: 08:14:31, 07/07/2022

What are Familiars?

They are creatures that although resembling pets, they do not participate in the battles themselves. Familiars will help you by automatically collecting chests and expedition items. In addition to these tasks, some familiars can also provide special bonuses on your EXP, EXP AFK, Gold and Pet Material EXP!

Like pets, the same familiar can be born with different rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary) depending on the type of the Familiar Capsule that will be opened. The higher the rarity, the more bonuses the familiar will provide!

How to get a Familiar?


Familiars are born from Familiar Capsules. Fragments of these capsules can be obtained from raid bosses. You can also get them by trying your luck on Wheel of Fortune or in events.

What to do with a duplicate Familiar?

Familiars that are no longer useful to you can be recycled into 02 capsule fragments of higher rarity.