How to obtain and what are the Friendship Points (FP) for?

  • Last Update: 17:29:51, 05/10/2020

There are three ways to obtain FP: Interacting with friends, accessing the hero ranking or sending stickers.

Interacting with Friends

Access your friends page and send 01 FP (they will not be deducted from the total you have) to them. They will send FP back to you.

Accessing the Hero ranking

Once a day, access TOP Rank and like the podium of the strongest heroes in the game. You will receive 03 FP.

Sending stickers

You and your friend will receive 01 FP whenever you send them a gift sticker. Buy stickers in the Shop.

What are FPs for?

It can be used in the Pet Market to buy pet food, pet eggs or Nets.