Skins and Bonuses

  • Last Update: 23:35:48, 27/03/2023

You can change the hero's appearance using Skins in (Hero > Skins).
Bonuses like Gold, EXP and Pet Material EXP can be unlocked by obtaining specific Skins.
Click on  to select the bonus you want to keep active.

Using the Mana Storia Coins, you can buy Skins in the following Shop:

Ticket Shop: Buy Skins with the Activity Tickets Coin.

Diamonds Shop: Buy Skins with the Diamonds Coin.

Hunt Shop: Buy Skins with the Hunting Badge Coin.

There are free ways for you to get Skins, they are:

By completing a Community Challenge with a Skin as the prize, all players can collect that Skin.
You can get Skins from an Event Shop by purchasing them with of the Event Coins.
You can also get Skins by participating in Giveaways and Gift Codes on Discord.