Automatic battles (Idle)

  • Last Update: 09:50:40, 13/12/2022

Auto Repeat / Auto Rest

To configure the "idle battles" options tap your avatar (located in the top left menu):

1. Enable this option to enable the automatic replay of battles.

2. You can set a value in % to automatically regenerate the hero's HP/MP when the HP/MP drops below the chosen percentage.


Using Skills in Automatic Battles

By default your character will use the basic attack to defeat enemies when  "Auto battle" is active. If you prefer, you can select a skill for the idle battles by following these steps:

1. Start a battle with auto battle turned off.

2. Select the skill that will be used and attack the enemy with it.

3. Activate the auto-battle.

You will need to repeat the above steps whenever a new battle instance is started.

When there is not enough MP, your character will use a basic attack.