Basic Tips

  • Last Update: 21:39:55, 22/04/2023

01. You can gain XP by battling on Floating Islands, Rifts, Expeditions, or Hunts.
02. You can choose a Vocation from Level 10 onwards with the Vocation Master in (City).
03. Understand how the Basic Combat Attributes work to build a more effective build.
04. Recover your HP/MP in (Home).
05. Venture out into the Ocean in (Home > Harbor) and obtain treasures to upgrade your ship.
06. Do not ask for Gold or items in Chat, this usually does not work and you will get a bad reputation.
07. Use Loot Tokens to loot battle stages and advance faster.
08. Store excess Gold in the Bank to avoid losses if you are defeated in battle.
09. Pets help a lot in a battle, so do not forget to raise the Level of your pet in (Home > Pet Ranch).
10. Any questions? Ask other heroes for help on Chat or Discord! They will be very helpful to you!