Familiar Bonuses

  • Last Update: 14:09:26, 13/05/2023

EXP (%): Increases the gain of EXP.
AFK EXP (%): Increases the gain of AFK EXP.
GOLD (%): Increases the gain of GOLD.
Pet Material EXP (%): Increases the EXP a Pet provides when serving food to another Pet.

Physical Attack (PvE): Increases the hero Physical Attack.
Magic Attack (PvE): Increases the hero Magical Attack.
Physical Defense (PvE): Increases the hero Physical Defense.
Magic Defense (PvE): Increases the hero Magical Defense.
Speed (PvE): Increases the hero Speed.

Hero Damage (%)(PvE): Increases the hero damage.
Elemental Damage (%): Increases the damage of all elements.
Elemental Resistance (%): Increases the resistance of all elements.
Pet Power: Increases the Pet POWER.